Established in 1995, Industrial Control Systems Ltd (ICSL) was formed as an independent UK based systems integrator and gained extensive experience in the design and implementation of bespoke systems for the Automotive, Packaging, Water, Nuclear and the security Industries.

In 2005 ICSL successfully launched the ‘Strike-point’ product line into the security sector. Having many installations now throughout the world providing reassurance to its users, ‘Strike-point’ is becoming a common site.  After further development with new anti-bacterial coatings and sub-zero operation this re-enforces ‘Strike-Point’ as being one of the UK’s leading reliable and robust brands.  We are now used extensively by the MET Police and many other police forces across the UK.  

We are continually developing new and innovative products for many different markets.  With a strong background in pneumatics, mechanical and electronics plus our extensive workshop having the ability to 3D print, CNC machine, injection mould, laser and many more manufacturing technics we would only be too happy and discuss ideas leading to bespoke solutions. 

Since 2000 ICSL have excelled in being at the forefront in development of machine vision technology. This includes automatic identification of defective products, both saving time, costs and potential life-threatening failure down the line.  Through this technology we are also able to offer precise measurements from basic and multi-dimensional models.

Fast forward to 2019 and ICSL are pleased to announce a new product range called ‘ToughLITE’ safe and secure lighting. These products are not only robust but highly reliable and offer options that are exclusive to ICSL.   With over 25-year background designing bespoke electronics we are confident that our new range will not only excel within this sector like our ‘Strike-Point’ brand but offer options far beyond just lighting.