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Machine Vision Light Sources

Light sources for machine vision systems we use:-

  • LEDs

  • Lasers


In recent years LED, or Light Emitting Diode, lighting has become a popular light source in vision applications. They are very durable (service life of up to 100,000 hours) when compared to other light sources, rather than fail completely they tend to lose part of their luminosity as they get older. LEDs are compact, can be arranged in a variety of configurations and in their simplest form only require a basic DC power supply to energise them. Although constantly illuminated LEDs are only suitable for low speed applications where long exposure times are permissible strobe LED sources can provide light intensity close to that of Halogen lamps. The ability to synchronise the strobe with the image acquisition make them ideal for capturing objects moving through the field of view.

LEDS are available in a selection of colours making them suitable for monochrome, colour and infra red applications. A disadvantage of LEDs when trying to achieve high levels of illumination is the complex circuitry required to control the strobing.


Lasers are typically used to provide structured lighting in 3D applications and in situations where there is no grey scale contrast. Often the laser is used in conjunction with a band pass filter on the lens to ensure only the reflected laser light reaches the camera.

Bright Field

Light is aimed directly at an object, often creating distinct shadows. This type of lighting is effective when used on objects requiring high degrees of contrast, but creates specula reflections when used with shiny or reflective materials.

Dark Field

Light is projected at an angle to the surface, causing any variations to deflect light up into the camera, creating bright spots on a dark background or field. Nothing is seen by the vision system if there are no aberrations on the surface.

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bright field

Bright Field

dark feld

Dark Field

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