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ICS offer bespoke vision systems, we can develop systems if a customer has a preferred design format. Read more......



What can ICS provide for me?

ICS systems can provide you with with quality control systems by non contact measurement systems. By scanning and thermal scanning.


Can you provide our company with an unique product for our industry?

ICS can we provide an off the shelve bespoke vision service. that can be tailored to your industry.


What is the benefits of Machine vision?

Machine vision systems are devices that capture and analyze visual information, and are used to automate tasks that require to see an object or image.

A camera lens and image sensor are used to capture images. Vision software analyzes what is being seen and communicates information to other equipment. Vision systems also require lighting and are configured by connecting them to a display device such as a computer monitor. Vision systems can have a variety of physical forms, depending on the user’s need.

Machine Vision offers many competitive advantages:

Inspect 100% of your production not just a sample

Eliminate bad product at manufacture not at the customer

Record 100% of your inspection data directly to a database, operator display

Remove paper from the shop floor

Remove the admin costs of generating production reports

Take control of your process, know the status of your operation in real time


What maintenance is required after installation?

ICS offer maintenance with all of our systems. We have a care and maintenance to make sure that the system is working to its best of its ability.


If you have any questions please contact us.

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