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You will need Acrobat Reader to read our brochures. Download for Free




The Furniture Industry

Customer requirements

  • A digital camera - IVCam operates using digitised images of the furniture. The easiest method of obtaining photographs for use in IVCam is with a digital camera. Mobile phone cameras may not be suitable.

  • A printer - marker boards are provided as PDF files that will need to be printed. These are required for calibration of the IVCam software. To do so they need to be temporarily stuck to the furniture.

Manufacturing covers for existing furniture requires many measurements. Manually taking these measurements requires a significant amount of time spent with a tape measure.

The IVCam Handheld software package is a complete non-contact tool for point-and-click measuring. It facilitates an easy method of obtaining the measurements required.

IVCam removes the hassle of manual contact measurement, instead replacing it with a simple photographic process. In order to calculate accurate dimensions in IVCam, a specific sequence of photographs that are required.

The Process

  • Customers take photos of their furniture and send them via email.
  • Images are loaded in to the IVCam software.
  • Image measurements are calibrated using marker boards in the images.
  • The required measurements are "drawn" in the IVCam software.
  • A report with all the measurements necessary for furniture cover manufacture is generated.
  • Furniture cover replacements are manufactured according to the calculated measurements.
  • Covers are then delivered to customers for fitting.

From a customer's perspective

  • It is a quick and easy process
  • It is not necessary for company personnel to visit (i.e. measure furniture)
  • As a result, the time from order to actual delivery is reduced
  • Low cost as savings made using this method lower the price for the customer

From the furniture company's perspective

  • Process can be web-based, lowering costs (e.g. compared to a furniture store)
  • No need to send out personnel to measure furniture.
  • Faster order throughput, potentially automated.


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