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ICS offer bespoke vision systems, we can develop systems if a customer has a preferred design format. Read more......

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You will need Acrobat Reader to read our brochures. Download for Free


ivcamProfiling With IVCam


This tool will enable you to quickly and effectively create a profile of your object and export it to CAD.

Step 1

  • Select your Image (This image can be anything at all form a Drawing to a photograph).
  • Load the image onto your PC (making sure its in jpeg format).
  • Load up IVCam Handheld and open you image.

Step 2

  • Running edge detector on your image (This only needs to be run over the part of the image that you want to hi-light).
  • Select the line length for the edge detector to extract
  • Select the area of the image for the edge detector to extract.
  • Select line type you wish to extract.

Step 3

  • Rotate your image and Run Edge detector every 90 degrees (This is to enable you to acquire the best lines you can for your image).

Step 4

  • Remove the Duplicate lines and lines that are not needed (This is so that you will export only the lines that you wish to have).
  • Merging of lines (you may find that the lines drawn can be many separate lines, they can then be joined together using the merge tool) .
  • Adding any Additional Line Detail.

Step 5

  • Check that you have all the lines that you wish to use.

  • Calibrate your image (If you wish to export the lines with scale).

  • Export your lines.

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Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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Step 4

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